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Beauty of Humility

Modesty is deeply related to humility. In fact, I think where humility is, modesty will be also. Unfortunately, humility is also a monstrously misunderstood virtue.
People often treat it as a requirement to think poorly of themselves, but this is really a poor way to understand the virtue. Humility is about knowing yourself for what you are, not pretending you’re worse than you are just because.
Now, as you seek greater perfection, and come to know yourself better, you’ll certainly discover you have a ton of flaws, more than you ever thought possible.
So people without any humility think it means pretending they’re not awesome even though they are. People with a little humility think it means admitting they’re not awesome because they know they aren’t. But people with perfect humility don’t think about it at all because they’re too busy serving the best good of everyone around them to bother about themselves. Unfortunately, perfect humility is very hard to achieve because its arch-enemies, selfishness and pride, are like cancer—you can beat them in one place, but before you know it they’ve sprung up in another.

Selfishness and pride are also wreak havoc on modesty. A lot of immodesty, from dressing badly to carrying oneself wantonly, springs from the desire for attention, to be important, to be sought after. Here again we see the internal play of virtue. The inordinate desire for others to think well of you is immodest whatever you wear.                                                The girl who dons a modest outfit while hoping that people will notice her figure despite it isn’t any more modest than the girl who wears an immodest outfit in the certainty that people will notice her figure because of it. In fact, she is less modest than the girl who accidently wears something immodest because she’s not thinking of what others think of her at all (said girl is being careless though). On the flip side, with humility comes a deeper knowledge of who you are; your flaws, your strengths, and most importantly the knowledge of your worth as a human being. Any girl secure in this knowledge won’t feel the need to showcase herself boldly for the affirmation of others, but will instead feel inside her the value of what she has to offer someone worthy of it, and won’t want to advertise herself to the first taker. Be true to your self worth. Ladies, you are worth so much more than provocative ways. Showing respect for your self, will help you find a respectful guy and friendships.

 – GOM  


4 thoughts on “Beauty of Humility

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  2. Dear ‘real men’,
    Thanks for your concern, but your archaic ideas of modesty are incredibly patronising and even more so misguided. Women these days dress for themselves, and telling them to dress ‘modestly’ in order to not attract negative male attention is an incredibly stupid thing to say. If a man decides to give a woman clearly unwanted, negative, or inappropriate attention then the blame falls to him. It doesn’t matter how the woman is dressed or how much makeup she’s wearing or what she is doing: the man is the one in the wrong in this situation.

    This kind of victim blaming in the guise of ‘helpful advice’ is what encourages rape culture in our society. Trying to shame women into dressing modestly by telling them that they will tempt men if they don’t is incredibly offensive. Part of women being equal members of society is that THEY get to choose how they dress, and them don’t get to tell them it’s wrong. Saying ‘hey, I can’t respect you properly unless you conform to my values and do as you’re told’ is a form of oppression and we don’t like it. A woman dressing in a way you don’t like doesn’t mean she has no self respect, it means that she dresses for herself and doesn’t need your opinion to validate her choices.

    So no, ‘real men’, don’t give me that. Men who feel like they can judge women however they want are pigs. Wether those men are deciding that she wants it because she got drunk, or men who feel like they can tell a woman how to love her life simply because they feel like it. You are the pigs here.
    Real Women.

  3. Dear Real Women,

    It’s true, not all, but most women do dress for themselves. Therefore, I ask why we choose the way we dress.
    – Is it to flaunt our assets?
    – Is it to gain attention?
    – Is it to show our personality?
    – Is it for self-glorification? The look-at-me attitude
    – Or is it to glorify God? And how do we glorify God through our clothes, actions, speech and thoughts?

    Men are visual (and so are women) – it’s a fact. Now, how does that affect the way we dress?
    – What type of attention do you want from a guy? Respect or value your assets or to be drawn by your assets or to value you, beyond your physical appearance? – As physical appearance is only fleeting.

    It’s a heart issue. How do you respond or react when a man is drawn to your assets? Do you feel loved? Respected? Admired? What happens when your man looks at another women’s asset? Do you not care? Do you feel jealous? Do you envy? What goes on in your mind and heart?

    What is the drive for you to dress immodestly? And should our dress be centred on men or God?

    You stated: If a man decides to give a woman clearly unwanted, negative, or inappropriate attention then the blame falls to him. <– I agree, it is mostly the men at fault if she is dressed modestly and is behaving modestly. If she is not, then both are to be blamed, the man alone does not take the full blame.

    Example: If you carelessly leave your wallet lying around, and a thief decided to take your wallet, then who is to blame? Both parties of course! you, for leaving your wallet behind carelessly and the thief for not practicing self-control or fleeing from temptation. Is it not? Does the blame belong to the thief 100%?

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